Getting Started with One Call to All

Huzzah! - here's a simple guide on how to use OCTA and fill your jobs faster.

How to launch your first call/ message.

This is the part we love the most and hey, we don’t lie when we say it takes just 3 simple steps.

Thanks to our tech team for slaving away for days to make it so simple for you!

Step 1 - Creating your call/text.

Click on create call section next to initiate the below steps

Head over to the left hand side and click ‘create call’ 

(Call is used as a catch all for either calls or texts.)

This will allow you to create your broadcast that we can now customise.

Step 2 - Scheduling & Description.

Next, you want to make sure you enter a description to remind yourself what the aim of the call is. This is used for future reference to revisit the call etc.

Once this is done, you can customise the scheduling settings.

The majority of our users just set it to send immediately, but feel free to change the scheduling settings if you want to run it at a specific time/date.

Step 3 - Adding phone numbers.

There are 2 routes you can go with adding phone numbers. You can either import your contacts via CSV (very straight forward, just upload and go.)

Alternatively, you can manually add phone numbers if you’ve got a small list of contacts by using the manual input feature.

Take a look at the example on the left. As you can see, the upload feature is highlighted in red at the top whereas the manual input is highlighted below.

Step 4 - Text Messages

The rest is dead easy.

Either enter the number you are happy for them to text you back on OR put a company name for it to be delivered from e.g. SMITHYREC

PLEASE NOTE: If you enter alphanumeric, you should include the number you want your candidates to get back on.

If you enter your phone number, you can skip it.

Step 5 - Executing a call.


This is where you make the most impact with least effort. All the way from engaging your
candidates to keeping your clients happy.

Click on ‘New Recording’ to get started.



Enter a name for the role you’re hiring for.

Once done, move on to the next step.


HOT TIP: Remember to turn on your charm and put your best pitch forward! ALSO, remember to say in your recording best number to call you back on and say ‘hit a key now’ so you candidates can connect with you instantly for free. 


When you’re ready to start recording, hit ‘record.’

Once you’re done, click ‘Save your recording.’

Want to re-do?

Click ‘Reset’ and start over.

Note: Ensure you have turned on the microphone access in order to start the recording.

HOT TIP: It’s key to leave in your recording the best number to call you back on – this is for when the message hits voicemail, so they know how to reach you.



Once your recording is saved, you should be able to access it using the drop down box under Phone Calls.


HOT TIP: Currently we have set numbers which we call out from – this is what appears on the hotlists phones when we call.

If you want it, email and we can set it to any number you want, your mobile, landline, office or home…so long as it is yours and that will be the number presented when you run your call.



Next, you want to enter the phone number you want your candidate to call back on. When they tap a key to callback, this is the number that they will ring.




Next, you want to enter the phone number you want your candidate to call back on. When they tap a key to callback, this is the number that they will ring.


You can also choose a dialing gap if you’d prefer to give a gap in between the outreach.

Tip: Most people set this as none. BUT you can set a gap between the calls if you want. 

(Don’t sweat this too much though as obviously if you are on the phone, they can leave a message for you anyway… just like normal).



You can also enable a bookend at the bottom of the sequence. A bookend is a generic message saying hit a key now to speak to you.


We recommend you have this enabled for maximum impact, but don’t worry, you can also leave this disabled if you don’t want to give the candidate the option to call you back right away.

Tip: Email to customize your bookend. Some people do this to create brand awareness amongst other things.

Voila! You're ready to roll!

Once you’ve configured all the settings to a standard you’re happy with, you can click ‘Save and Finish.’

After doing this, please ensure you hit ‘Run’ to run the call (highlighted below.)

Last check and off you go!

Good luck with filling your jobs and beating the competition to the best talent.

Finally a great big thanks from all the team at OCTA.

Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

Tip: Get in touch with us about how you can get free credits by referring your recruiter pals
to use the platform.