Features that help you win.

Supercharge your recruiting with our digital platform.

Everything you need is at your fingertips and everything can be done through our simple to use and intuitive dashboard.


You’ll also be amazed at how quickly and at what cost we can deliver a bespoke recruitment solution – to learn more about our “unique to you” 4D offerings just contact us.

Record and Write

Record your best pitch/intro for the job you are looking to fill and write a message delivered from you - even attach content.

Voice & Content Broadcast

Instantly call and reach out to all the candidates on your contact list - the platform can contact 100s in seconds.

Candidate tap to call back.

If they answer and like what they hear - they simply tap a key to connect to you on whatever device you want the calls to.

Simple and secure uploads

It's simple to upload your candidate lists, your data is secure and encrypted - nothing is ever shared anywhere and everything can be hard deleted.

Scheduling and spacing

You can schedule when you want you want your calls/texts and content to go - you can even set a space between each of them if you want.


Want to streamline us into your existing CRM/ATS/VMS, no problem we have a simple API key and a great tech team.


Outcome reports are included in every package - want bespoke reports or customised data insights we can do that too.

Voicemail detection

Our platform knows when the candidate has not picked up and places your recording perfectly into their voicemail.

Credit Rollover

Never lose any credits - we will always roll them over to next month - making sure you always get the best value.

Want 5 quick tips on how to make a candidate love you more?