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What our awesome customers are saying

“Since using OneCallToAll not only have I significantly reduced my no show rate saving hundreds in lost takings, but I’ve also had some really great feedback from customers how nice it is to have a personal, tailored voice call and message.  The money it has saved me has more than paid for the service and I would encourage other hospitality professionals to see how it can help their business.” 

“OCTA was introduced to me by a colleague, it’s a great tool to use from a candidate recruiting stand-point. It’s quick and easy and in a market where I could have a resourcer sat making x100 calls a day, with little to no contact. This eliminates that and does ensure those calling back are warm and convertible.
The reward on return investment (both from a time and capital stand-point) make it a tool worth while!”

“The team at OCTA are extremely friendly and helpful, and are always happy to assist with any queries. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who has a need to reach large quantities of people quickly and in the most personal way possible.”

“We used the One Call To All platform when advertising for several jobs and were seriously impressed by how user friendly the system was and how much time it saved us! Now OCTA forms part of our employer brand strategy.”

“One Call To All has enabled us to contact and engage with more candidates than ever before without losing that all important human touch. The solution has allowed us to fill vacancies more efficiently and freed up more time for us to ensure that we make every experience matter for both candidates and hiring managers.”

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